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Coming in Septemeber 2019 a brand-new website for learning about SEND and all things sensory designed for practitioners and parents.

Courses coming soon!

New to SEND

This course is designed for practitioners who are new to special education working either in mainstream schools or in special schools. This will be appropriate worldwide.

New to Autism

If you have just joined a team in a mainstream school, special school or adult services and you want to know more about what autism is, then this is the course for you. It will equip you with the knowledge and skills to support individuals with autism.

Creating a sensory curriculum

Do you need to create or further develop your sensory curriculum? This course will explore what a sensory curriculum is; what key elements you need within a sensory curriculum and how to make your classroom a more inclusive learning environment for learners of varied ages and abilities.

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Great classroom design is a good starting point for engaging every child in their learning! Find out

Creating sensory baselines for learners

Knowing our learners abilities, likes, and dislikes is crucial if we are to teach our learners effectively. This course will help you understand what you should know about your learners with SEND

Creating Sensory Stories

Learn how to bring your stories alive by making sensory, including all of our learners in stories for young and old.

Working with Challenging Behaviour

Challenging behaviour is all about communication and this course will look at up the roots and causes of communication difficulties.

Creating clear goals and targets in SEND

A milestone approach is very popular and special education however sometimes it’s useful to know the journey. Goal attainment scaling gives you a clear path to follow.

Working with Hearing Loss

Many learners go through education with an undiagnosed hearing loss. This course will help you understand how to spot the traits that can indicator hearing loss and what you can do about it to help learners enjoy education.

Working with visual loss

Many learners have a degree of visual loss including those who have autism this course Will show you how to investigate a learners visual skills enabling you to teach more effectively.


Many learners with special educational needs and disabilities suffer from social emotional and mental health issues. This course will help you understand how to understand those learners find everyday life a challenge due to abilities or communication issues.

Communication in SEND

Those with communication difficulties can lead very frustrating life in a learning environment. Communication is the exchange of ideas by any means possible and this course will help you understand the varied methods and styles of communication we all use in SEND

Sensory Literacy

Sensory literacy needs to be fun and this course will help you bring your lessons and sessions to life. The course will be suitable for those working with learners young and old.

Sensory Mathmatics

Sensory mathematics needs to be fun and this course will help you bring your lessons and sessions to life. The course will be suitable for those working with learners young and old.

Build Your own sensory room

Getting the right equipment in the multisensory room on the right people running it is crucial if the room is to be used in the future.


Online Sensory Learning

Our online courses are designed for teachers, learning support assistants and Our online training gives you access to some of the world’s leading authorities’ old special educational needs and disabilities SEND.

Worldwide many schools and adult services simply don’t have the time or the funding to send people on external courses so we’re bringing them to you. You can attend and when you want, how often you want, and wherever you want, all you need is an internet connection.

The Experts

The Hirstwood Training Associates (HTA's) who create the content are all dedicated and skilled in their feilds of expertise. From autism experts, sensational story tellers and sensory superhero's they are all currently working on the content for this site. The HTA's will be including text so that you can read all about it and video to let you see how its done.